Julilah [Juh-lil-lah]: noun

Hello and Welcome to Julilah,

Julilah is all about making your life and home feel environmentally friendly, comfortable and nurturing.

Founded in 2010 and owned by Sarah, a stay-at-home-Mum to two beautiful children (after whom Julilah is named) and a maker and crafter. 

Sarah has always felt like she could save the world, and so her home reflects that interest; in caring for the world around her, teaching her family to do the same, and reusing as much as possible. Being an old-fashioned homemaker at heart and having always loved arts and craft, she was, and remains today, Julilah's main creator.

Julilah began when people started showing an interest in Sarah's handmade items (breastpads, what is now the LadyLilah cloth menstrual pad, nappy hampers, and nursery decorations). The interest increased when they discovered that all the items had been made with environmentally friendly or recycled items. 

As a result Julilah began to encourage a nurturing lifestyle that reduced people's impact on the world with her handmade products, as well as making a beautiful home.

Now Julilah sells not only Sarah's handmade products, but also products from many makers, that all support the environmentally friendly house.

Please take time to enjoy our website whilst feeling the reassurance of knowing that all of our products are made using reclaimed materials and where this is not possible we source the most ecological and ethical materials available. We truly hope that Julilah can help families create a simple and natural space for themselves; an environment that helps everyone to feel comfortable and nurturing of and by the world, soul, body and spirit.

If you would like to know more about Sarah and her life, why not follow the Julilah blog.